Other Operations

  1. Remuneration and Billing System 
    The firm billing of legal fees is influenced by different factors.  Nonetheless, the firm bills for legal fees in accordance with the prescribed rules under the Advocates Remuneration Order as read together with other or further rules as may be prescribed from time to time under the Advocates Act (Cap. 16 Laws of Kenya)
  2. Professional Indemnity 
    The firm has taken out a professional indemnity cover with leading reputable insurance company.
  3. Technology 
    The firm is fully computerized and equipped with techno-savvy personnel.  This has greatly contributed to increase our efficiency and responsiveness to our clients’ needs.
  4. Inter-Town Practice 
    The firm has had the benefit of handling legal matters in other major towns beyond Nairobi on a need to need basis.  In doing this, we have partnered and networked with credible Law Firms in major towns, to assist to case basis.
  5. Pro Bono Work 
    The Firm believes it has a professional responsibility towards supporting noble causes such as free legal aid.
  6. Confidentiality and Conflict Issues 
    The Firm ensure confidentiality of information and further makes sure we do a conflict check before we take on any new client or deal.
  7. Clientele 
    The Firm handles legal matters for numerous individual clients from all walks of life as well as various government bodies, corporate clients in the Banking, Insurance and Commercial Service Providers and Manufacturing Industries.  The firm has entered into confidentiality contracts with most of its clients and a list of the clientele base is available upon request and with the concurrence of such clients.
  8. Reporting 
    We confirm that we shall supply you with the requisite periodical reports in the format specified by you and at the times set by you.  In addition we shall adhere to our own internal time limits specified below for litigation and Conveyancing/securities work.
    Our Managing Partner, ROYFORD MWENDA NKONGE, will be the overall partner in charge of all legal services provided and will ensure all the quality and cost guidelines are strictly adhered to.  Although, we always strive to provide our clients with an excellent service of the highest quality, should you ever have any complaints, these will first be handled by the relevant client care partners, and if a further point of reference is needed, by our Managing Partner.
  9. Infrastructure 
    Hardware and Networking
    Mwenda Royford & Co Advocates is fully networked internally and each member of staff has their own personal computers linked to the firm’s network. Each member of staff has full access to e-mail and internet facilities. Mwenda Royford & Co Advocates encourages the use of the internet for research.