Conveyancing and Securities Services

  1. Remuneration 
    We confirm that we will charge you for any legal services in accordance with the scale fees provided under the various schedules of The Advocates (Remuneration) (Amendment) Order, 2014.
  2. Methodology of providing conveyancing and securities legal services 
    In order to best deliver the required legal services we will offer the following mode of service delivery:
    • Upon receipt of instructions, we anticipate giving a preliminary opinion in respect of the matter within 48 hours. The preliminary opinion will include:
      • Identification of the key legal issues;
      • Preliminary advise on the best options available to deal with the legal issues;
      • An estimate of costs and time involved in accordance with the Client’s set criteria.
      • Identification of key personnel who will be used in the matter.
    •  By their nature, corporate and commercial matters often have strict time deadlines and as such, we shall endeavour to complete the matter on time.  In any event, we shall circulate first drafts of the requisite documents to the Client and the Borrower/other party within 48 hours of receipt of full instructions (i.e. after all queries (if any) in the preliminary opinion are resolved by the Client and the Client gives firm instructions to prepare the security or Conveyancing documents).
    • Revisions of draft documents will be completed and circulated within 24 hours of receipt of instructions to amend the documents from the Client.
    •  Any draft documents shall be sent to the Client for approval before circulation.
    • If so required, we have the ability to circulate draft documents electronically to ensure that the turnaround time is minimal.
    • We shall answer all queries and/or letters received from the Client or Advocates of the other party within 24 hours of receipt.
    • We shall keep the Client informed of all developments throughout the duration of the matter, advising the Client of any new options that become available.
    • Where the matter is complicated and requires the advice of external experts e.g. Accountants or consultants, we shall seek such advise (with prior authorization from the Client) from reputable local experts, continuously keeping you informed of the costs involved in doing so.
    • Where the matter requires the co-operation of government ministries or departments e.g. the Department of Lands or the Companies Registry, we have a dedicated team of legal clerks who specialize in working with these departments.